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Advanced English for Business
Personalized Learning
• Customized experiences
with learner-selected,
business-oriented goals
• One-on-one live tutoring sessions
with qualified
native instructors focused on the learning
objectives of each learner
• Read Aloud activities
that speed oral fluency and
provide pace, accuracy, and intonation evaluation
• Extended Reading and Writing activities
feedback from experienced tutors
• Industry-specific content
that leverages real-life
business situations
• Online e-Learning tools
available anytime,
anywhere to suit learners’ schedules
Build Relevant English Skills Quickly.
Beginning with a smooth implementation supported by our client services team to final
measurements provided by our reporting tools, Advanced English for Business provides a
personalized approach to language training.
Learners customize their experience by choosing
goals based on their desired learning outcomes.
Extended Speaking andWriting activities provide
learners specific feedback fromnative-speaking tutors.
Innovative Read Aloud activities use our proprietary
speech-recognition technology to build speaking skills.