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Advanced English for Business
Advanced English for Business contains clear, measurable objectives and provides regular
opportunities for assessment which results in actionable feedback.
Learners Talk About
Their Success.
Here’s what Advanced English for Business learners
have to say about their personal learning experiences:
“It’s very interactive, explains all the new words and
phrases very clearly. Easy to use.”
“The e-Learning activities are well-structured and
business-oriented. I love the feedback received
through the notifications, they make the experience
look very similar to the face-to-face.”
Measure Learning Progress Continuously.
Ongoing Assessment
• Proprietary speech-recognition technology
compares individual learner pronunciation with
native-speaker models for instant guidance
• End-of-Lesson Tests evaluate learner progress
throughout the program
• Learner progress aligns with globally recognized
Common European Framework of Reference
(CEFR) standards
• Placement testing positions learners in the right
level for their individual ability
• Administrator Tools track, measure, and report
learner achievement
Placement test assigns learners to the appropriate
course level based on their current English
language skills.
Administrator Tools enable programmanagers
tomonitor learner progress and access.